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Assembly Line Identification


Assembly line identification works most efficiently with Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID). This helps increase the..

Product authentication:


Authentication technology is important for all products and packaging. The strategies of a brand need to involve law enforcement information ..

Loyalty Program Solution


AOPL offers state of the art RFID solutions for loyalty programs for retail industry. A loyalty program refers to a..

Solid Waste management facility


The management of solid waste is essential to maintaining a clean and healthy environment..

Event RFID


Event management is a flourishing industry. The market abounds in different event management companies. Each of them

Supply Chain RFID


The term supply chain denotes the entire process of supply of goods from the manufacturer end to customer end.  Maintaining..


RFID based Products

UHF Readers

UHF readers

UHF readers

UHF RFID Readers is today a well-established technology, which has left the pioneering stage to a more appealing deployment phase. Working frequency range of 902MHz~928MHz (FCC)…

Active Readers

RFID active readers

RFID active readers

These readers have preeminent characters and strong capacities to cope with exceptional situations. With frequency range at 2.4GHz ~ 2.5GHz,..

UHF Tags

UHF tags

UHF tags

RFID UHF tags operates between ISM 860 – 960MHz and has read ranges up to approximately 10ft. UHF has become the most used option in Auto-ID..

HF tags

HF Tags

HF Tags

RFID HF tags operate at the 13.56 MHz range and typically have a short read range of about 5 inches. However, with specialized readers and larger tags..

LF Tags

LF tags

LF tags

RFID LF tags operate at 125 KHz range and typically have a very short read range of about 1-2 inches. This type of RFID essentially contact to a reader to  ..

Active Tags

Active tags

Active tags

RFID Active tags operate in the 2.45 GHz band, with ultra-long read range (up to 1500m). adopts high-tension industrial structure with pressure resistance 

RFID Based Solutions

Track Lib

Time and Weight Management

Real Time Tracking

Inven Track 2.0