Infant Protection Solution System

Radio Frequency Identification is a technology which uses radio waves to automatically identify people without any manual interference. The data gathered is promptly updated or  transferred to in the back end computer system.

RFID technology also can be seamlessly unified with legacy application.

Infant security solution services provide unparalleled protection by providing a wide range of features and functionalities. RFID solutions include several types of infant tags such as  Tamper Sensing, Cut-Band, Umbilical, and a specially designed tag for  NICU babies.

The system is scalable and flexible. The  Infant protection system is attached to RFID technology. This RFID tag is popular across an array of industries to identify, control and track.

Infant protection systems using RFID technology, indicate to a method which helps to identify a newborn by means of a numbered band which matches a band worn by the mother of the baby.

The RFID tags are designed in such way so that it fits an infant’s ankle.

These baby tagging systems also help hospitals to prohibit unintentional baby mismatching and baby abductions in maternity departments from the time of delivery to the time of discharge.

These systems permit the regular movement of staffs, mothers and visitors both in and out of the maternity wards. RFID tags prevent the protected babies from being removed from the wards without supervision. These protection systems can log the authorized transfer throughout the hospitals while monitoring the physical whereabouts and safety of the babies.

At the time of the birth a baby is issued an infant protection bracelet. The bracelet is placed on the ankle of the baby.

These RFID tags provide a secure and simple monitoring solution which saves time. It also provides peace of mind for nurses and carers.  

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