Logistics Management

The lifeline of any industry is its logistics system. By logistics management, we mean the entire management system to meet the customer demand. It involves planning, control and implementation of effective strategies to deliver the finished goods from the manufacturer end to customer end.

Often, much mismanagement occurs in the logistics system due to which a company has to suffer huge losses. In order to control these hindrances, different techniques are being adopted by companies. RFID is one such innovative technology that is widely being used by companies to streamline their logistics process.

AOPL provides comprehensive RFID solutions for logistics management and efficient tracking and tracing of your products from origin to destination.

The key benefits of employing this technique are:

Helps to detect the exact count of the available goods: RFID technology helps to keep a track of the exact amount of available goods by reading the RFID tags attached with each product. This is useful in formulating a concrete plan for the production process.

Control Theft: RFID technology is a very effective tool to counter theft activities. By using this technology, the real time status of the any product can be obtained. Apart from this, it also aids to maintain the exact count of the products. Thus, by means of these attributes, the theft of goods can be controlled.

Control Vehicle activities: This technology helps the user to control the movement of vehicles. It also helps to detect the unregistered entry of any vehicle.

Improve Performance: The RFID technology does not involve manual control. This attribute decreases the occurrence of any error while recording any data. Thus correct information can be obtained by utilizing this technology which ultimately improves the overall performance of the overall logistics management system.

Cost Control: Logistics management is a huge area where large number of manpower is required.  On the other hand RFID technology does not require the involvement of manual labour. Thus using this technology will reduce the requirement of manpower which in turn will facilitate cost control of the entire process.

Logistics management have a lot of scope for optimization and RFID will help your business to eliminate all manual interventions and automate the complete process and AOPL’s solutions will help you do just that.

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