RFID Attendance Management Solution System

Attendance is a necessary procedure in schools and colleges. Monitoring every entry and exit of institutions all the time, may not be possible manually. That is why modern systems are prevailed to keep the track record automatically. One of the leading technologies to monitor the attendance of students and employees of schools, college or organizations is RFID solution.

AOPL provides RFID solutions and consulting in the field of attendance management. AOPL’s orchestrated solution helps track students at each entry and exit point and sends notifications to staff and parents if required. Use of RFID  for attendance recording provides robust, secure and automatic attendance management in the institutions. RFID services and solutions include attendance registration, collection and information transformation.

Benefits of using RFID in organization, school and college are:

  1. RFID technology can be used to record the real-time attendance of the employee or students. This service can automatically accumulate all the key attendance data which include name, time of attendance, both in and out and ID number.
  2. The attendance system could be an entry control system. It means the individual who has recognized tag or RFID card can access into the spot. That is why, safety and security of the institutions and organizations will no longer be issues, due to the use of RFID.
  3. RFID attendance service and solutions has the capability of information backup system. It also includes the advantage of recovery and tag replacement. A user-configurable schedule can be produced automatically by the software. In that schedule access time and exit time can be viewed and edited at the user interface.
  4. The RFID attendance management system comes in low maintenance cost. It provides high reliability to the process.

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