RFID emergency response System

AOPL’s RFID based solutions can play a major role in the field of Healthcare.

RFID technology not only provides tracking capability to identify objects and people in real time, ut also offers accurate and efficient access to medical data for doctors and several health professionals.

The RFID software is really useful in the development of the safety issues for patients. This system can increase operational abilities of the hospital and health care managements.

AOPL’s RFID healthcare solutions are used by an increasing number of hospitals across the globe. The introduction of this technology could be considered as a blessing for the health care authorities.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)  is a technology which uses radio waves to automatically identify people without any manual interference. The data gathered is promptly updated or  transferred to in the back end computer system.

The system allows the hospitals and healthcare centers to implement powerful yet flexible security systems. These systems  protect patients from accidentally roaming off the unit while still maintaining full freedom of movement.

Infant protection systems using RFID technology, indicate to a method which helps to identify a newborn by means of a numbered band which matches a band worn by the mother of the baby. It also helps hospitals to prohibit unintentional baby mismatching and baby abductions in maternity departments from the time of delivery to the time of discharge. This system also offers a patient safety while providing patient IDs.

RFID tags also help in scanning patient wristbands and the specimen label container for a three way check.

The software can monitor a patient’s situation and the condition of the equipments. It can track all the details  from the hall to the bedside of the patient. It also scans all of the medication for immediate verification and record of medication dispensing. It also allows nurses to administer medication more quickly and accurately. Staff communication can be easily done by the help of this system.

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