RFID Event Management System

RFID solutions are a boon for event management companies. AOPL provides orchestrated RFID based solutions which can help businesses to organize events in a streamlined manner. RFID tags can track movement of guests inside the venue and record it for real- time update.

Use of RFID technology eliminates the need of manual data collection. Event personnel can focus on other aspects and provide more individual attention along with better customer service.

AOPL’s Event management RFID solution starts with an on-site assessment of the operating environment and IT infrastructure. This system reviews traffic pattern and the relative acceptance of the amenities. It looks after the ways to improve the asset management and customer service. With the placement of RFID interrogators and combination of fixed and handheld readers, it makes sure to provide real-time updates.

RFID also deals with advanced event marketing ability and enhanced business intelligence. In event management RFID is used in patron booth for social media integration with the convenience of self service. Badge upgrades and increased event access are also included in this regard. RFID service and solutions also work with credit cards. In event management credit card works to turn event tickets or bracelets into digital wallets with stored amount, working with credit card, loyalty programs, upgrades and mechanism.

RFID provides following benefits in the field of event management:

  • It perfectly measure attendance, tracking of events, conference, training and session.
  • Behaviors of attendee, analysis and reporting are possible with RFID.
  • It offers return on attendance.
  • It can track and report innovative non- invasive attendance.
  • RFID also work efficiently in accurate session attendance reporting.

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