RFID File Tracking Solution System

AOPL provides complete solution for tracking and tracing files across business or institution premises. Our automated next generation technology helps in managing files automatically. It allows tracing files easily inside and outside the department and geographical regions. Radio frequency of the solution individually identifies each record.

RFID service and solution does not require line-of-sight reading. This application identifies movement of files from one point to another and notifies in case a file goes missing. RFID solution also helps in inventory control which can become a huge task if the number of files is many. It enables the users to make their organization fully linked and transparent at a very low price. Within no time, file management, including tracing and tracking is possible by the help of RFID solution.  

-Fixed  readers for fast inputs to software tracking and touch screens.

– Color printed for producing compact RFID, color printed file folder labels.

-Check in and check out RFID kiosk with RFID reader or antenna for inactive check in/out.

– Easily transported RFID reader and download crib for transferring backlogged reports and amending areas.

This modern technology of tracing and tracking file management solutions allows users the below stated advantages:

  • Automated labeling of circulated files.
  • Upgraded safety and security via regulating of document.
  • Decreases file inventory time.
  • The service is helpful in locating misplaced files, with the use of a portable handheld readers.

Industries around the country have implemented our valuable RFID solution to automate their businesses.

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