RFID Integrated Library Management System

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a new age technology for Data Collection and Auto Identification. This helps businesses to run faster smoother and become more productive. An RFID based integrated library management system allows accurate record keeping, security, traceability and fast transaction flow for library.

AOPL provides complete RFID based library management system for institutions. It is supported with antennas at transaction sections and at the gate. The library cards have the RFID transponders which store information automatically and electronically that can be written or read without any physical contact with the help of radio as a medium.

RFID helps in –

  • Accessing a number of books at one go.
  • Searching for a book is easy because of this system.
  • Search of the physical location of the books that you want.
  • Verification of stock and accounting of library materials.

AOPL’s orchestrated solution involves attaching library books with RFID tags on which can be detected via readers. Self checkin check out kiosks can automate the process of taking books from the library, at the same time reduce the chance of recording incorrect information. RFID technology makes everything very time saving, subtracts errors that happen manually and provides fast access to the books that you want.

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