RFID Log Management Solution System

The success of any brand depends on the performance of its manpower. Often , it has been observed that the records of individual activities of each of the employees in a company are not properly maintained. Without proper monitoring, mismanagement in production process may take place.  Thus, it is very important to keep a track of the activities of employees of any organization in a systematic manner. The importance of employee log management are as follows:

  • To keep a track of the individual performances of an employee. These records are essential to monitor the status of progress of any project. It also helps to calculate compensation, bonus and pensions by recording the data
  • To maintain the personal data of each of the employees in a systematic manner.
  • To check the real time activity of any employee.

Nowadays, companies employ various techniques to ensure a smooth log management system. Utilization of RFID technologies in log management system is yet another popular and innovative method to streamline the system. The key benefits of employing RFID technology in log management system are as follows:

  • Manual Controlling is not applicable: In case of RFID technology, there is no scope of manual handling. This automatic system can manage, analyze, generate various statistical reports in an error free manner incurring very less time
  • Employee Activities can be monitored: This is of the most essential features of this technology. In any business house, RFID readers are installed in all important spots such as in canteen, washroom locker room etc. Whenever, any employee enters these regions, the RFID reader will record that. These data can be accessed by any concerned authority and can monitor the individual activities.
  • Low cost: Since this technology does not involve large number of manpower, the cost to maintain is comparatively very less.

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