RFID Mortuary Management Solution System

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a technology which has improved efficiency in the field of mortuary management. AOPL’s automated RFID solution  tracks bodies  people who have passed away and does not need any human intervention during the process.

With AOPL’s seamless and technologically advanced approach for data collection and identification, staffs can have precise data required to handle bodies in mortuaries.

RFID can run with other integrating applications like biometrics, barcode etc. Mortuary Management takes out ceaseless analysis as the RFID has brought a new level of automation in the mortuary’s management system.

Benefits of using RFID in mortuary management are as follows:

  • It gives the employee precise data to maintain main body handling procedure in the mortuary.
  • Significantly, it extremely strengthens the identification process. It also gives emphasis on giving safeguard against the loss of the bodies.
  • RFID help in Integration of mortuary operations and it enhances operational capability.
  • The other important function of RFID is that it is used in building up of security level to unintended egress of bodies. In mortuary management timely and perfect information has been provided by RFID.

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