RFID Process Control Solution System

Process control is a method or an engineering discipline that deals with algorithms, mechanism and architecture. This is done for the maintenance of the output of a particular process within a range that is desired. For example, to control the temperature of a chemical reactor and to maintain a consistent product output.

RFID based Process control is extremely important. AOPL’s provides state of the art solutions for enhanced process control and efficiency which are used widely in some industries and enable mass production. Some continuously operating processes such as power plants, paper manufacturing, oil refining chemicals, power plants and many others have started using RFID for better efficiency.

RFID and Process Control-

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that when used properly can help many companies overcome difficult problems. RFID is the next generation system which is replacing the standard old bar code labels. RFID does not require a direct line of sight, in comparison to barcodes. It needs to simply be in the reach of an antenna or the reader (approximately within 20 feet) to report any problems or get the serial number and other information. The added advantage is it has a small microchip or tag system which allows storing, transmitting or carrying data, giving it a portability label. It is a micro-storage device for data access. While it is not absolutely a complete replacement of barcode label, RFID features and techniques make a perfect option to address all the process control in a manufacturing industry.

RFID will give automatic configuration of the products and has an in-built traceability system for manufacturers. It processes the information and documents the products which provide the industry particular traceable information. RFID in process control will give reliability and speed during the retrieval of specific information like performance criteria, for example, the reporting the how and when of the product manufactures.

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