RFID Product Authentication Solution System

Authentication technology is important for all products and packaging.  The strategies of a brand need to involve law enforcement information and physical controls, along with monitoring and investigation support. But the critical act of authenticating a product cannot be overlooked. A brand protection strategy is incomplete without it.

AOPL offers complete RFID solutions for your product authentication issues. RFID enable users to authenticate the unique identity of various products. Product authentication is possible with or without a mobile device or an internet connection.

Organizations around the country have been using AOPL’s orchestrated solutions in this domain. Product authentications are done to find out whether a given product is genuine or fake. RFID solution used for product authentication does not need any supplementary convenient. It helps authenticate the packaging of products. RFID automates the compete process which can take place on an aggregate level or single item level.

AOPL’s RFID authentication services offer end- points to authenticate products in real time without requiring an online database. It is a cost effective approach to enable users to authenticate the products without needing a full time network connection.

The procedure of authentication includes the act of comparing features of the product.  Secure key storage devices can be used in authentication in license management, network authentication, consumer electronics, supply chain management, etc. Typically the device which needs to be authenticated requires a type of wired or wireless digital connection to either a network or a host system.

Packaging and labeling of various products is also checked to reduce the risk of fake consumer goods. Those also help to diminish the risks of theft and resale of products. Efforts to educate consumers also help to ensure that authentic products are sold.

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