RFID Solar Panel Solution System

The government has mandated that each solar panel must be affixed with an RFID tag and should be identified and tracked throughout its useful life. AOPL provides RFID solutions for solar panel industries as well enabling them to meet this requirement.

RFID has a safe and secure unique ID, which can’t be cloned. RFID tags have large memory and can store information including voltage, wattage, current, cell and module details for long life.

RFID allows automatic authentication of modules and its raw materials. It also provides Electronics Delivery Proof (EDP) and better inventory management.

It is must that each RFID tag must be concealed with the name of the module manufacturer and solar cells. It must include the country of manufacture, month and year for the module and the cells. Also must involve the modules wattage and expected work data and a serial number that uniquely identifies the module.

RFID is a very much useful technological application which has various advantages, while using with solar panel. Such as-

-It gives enhanced visibility and greater transparency.

– At the time of production RFID protects from duplication.

– It comes at a low maintenance cost.

-It has acquired ability to write to track the defective modules.

-Also it has capacity to write and read all manufacturing related information.

– It is more receptive to tough environmental circumstances.

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