RFID Solid Waste Management Facility System

The management of solid waste is essential to maintaining a clean and healthy environment. By solid waste we mean any garbage, refuse, sludge from any wastewater treatment plant or any kind of industrial waste. With the rapid increase in urbanisation, the issue of management of solid waste is posing a serious threat.  Also, the cost involved in this process is also very high. It is often observed that most of the time, importance is given to reduction of production of solid waste rather than its proper disposal and recycle.

Nowadays, improved technologies are being utilized in streamlining the entire process of solid waste management. Introduction of RFID solutions in this process is one such innovative way. Utilization of RFID solutions has brought about spectacular changes in the entire solid waste management system. It has been identified as a powerful tool to facilitate the process of collection, disposal and recycling of solid wastes.

AOPL has been making waves across the country for its state of the art Radio Frequency Identification solutions. We are the leading suppliers of RFID equipment’s and solutions in India.

Some of the important benefits of RFID solutions in solid waste management systems are:

Error free data:   

RFID is a very effective tool to keep a track of the entire process of solid waste management. By employing this solution, the requirement of manual data entry is reduced. Thus, it helps to maintain data in an error free manner.

Monitors the performance of subcontractors:

Most of the time, municipalities face the problem of monitoring the activities of subcontractors, involved in the process of solid waste management. By introducing RFID solutions, the activities of each sub contractor can be monitored. In case of any discrepancies, the authorities can immediately spot the issue and take proper step to resolve it.

Easier Recycling Process:

RFID solutions aid in developing a smooth and easier recycling process. By utilizing them, the process of recycling involves less cleaning and maintenance.

Access Control

RFID solutions have decreased the necessity of manpower to a great extent. This has ultimately reduced the cost of solid waste management system.

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