RFID Supply Chain Solution System

The term supply chain denotes the entire process of supply of goods from the manufacturer end to customer end.  Maintaining the supply chain of any industry in a seamless manner is indeed a mammoth task. Nowadays, in order to automate the entire process of supply chain, various methods are being adopted and RFID applications are one of them. These applications are widely being used as a replacement of bar-codes. RFID tags can store more product information than a bar-code. Companies can utilize these applications to keep a track of its products in an error free manner.

We at AOPL offer next gen RFID solutions for you to streamline your supply chain activities. Organizations all over the country have been using our solutions to automate their business processes.

For a manufacturer, the RFID solutions can prove to be a boon. The diverse benefits enjoyed by a manufacturer by employing these solutions are:

Less requirement of manpower: Manufacturer can attach RFID tags to the finished goods and trace the movement of products by obtaining real time data. This process ultimately reduces the requirement of manpower in the tracking process.

Less Cost of Inventory counting: This is another very significant benefit of RFID solution. By employing RFID tags and readers, accurate inventory count can be obtained within fraction of a second. This process has automated the counting process which has ultimately reduced the cost of inventory count.

Improved Visibility: RFID solutions have improved the visibility of the entire supply chain management process. Apart from streamlining the tracking process, RFID automation increases the visibility of valuable data in relation to maintenance and renewal of equipment’s and services.

Improved Planning: Last but not the least, RFID solutions improves the planning process of any industry.  An entrepreneur can acquire various information of the supply chain process in an accurate manner by employing RFID solutions. The data so obtained will aid a manufacturer to plan and schedule the production process in a very effective manner.

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