RFID Warehouse Management Solution System

RFID solutions can optimize warehouse management to a great extent. RFID helps in improving efficiency and gaining proper because the Radio Frequency tags broadcast a signal with specific information and their location of the product in the warehouse.

With AOPL’s orchestrated RFID solution, you can track and trace your product’s movement throughout the factory premises wherever the readers have been installed. This is not possible through the bar code which has to be scanned manually to feed the information in the computer. In the warehouse operation, RFID provides an option towards product identification and data collection.

RFID-Based Warehouse Management:-

RFID-based warehouse management has several benefits that can subtract the current drawbacks with the support of advanced scanning system-

  • Automatic data entry- This method can be used instead of manual ones that saves time and improves productivity. It saves paper as well, because in a manual system, you will have to note down the stock, make entries and only after that, fill it in the computer. This long process is completely eliminated through such advancement.
  • Timely information- Wireless warehouse can give timely information with the integration of warehouse data in to the ERP system. Accurate information is given for invoicing, inventory tracking and purchase order payments.
  • Reduces errors- RFID system in warehouse management reduces error by tracking the pieces more precisely. Companies can now find out what was sold in the last day of business and improve on it accordingly for the forecast about what is actually needed.
  • Tight security- The information about products are accurate, hence, RFID can find out about any theft, loss or counterfeiting cases.

The main reason to use RFID is to increase the efficiency of the warehouse by decreasing the logistics and labor costs, which are super high because of the pressures of competitive environment. AOPL’s state of the art RFID solution  can help create a simple, paperless work with online communication between the staff computer and operations.

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