RFID WeighBridge Automation System

Managing the activities of vehicles at the weigh bridge is indeed a very difficult task. Most of the time people fail to keep a track of the exact number of vehicles at the weighbridge manually. Thus in that case it becomes difficult to maintain the inventory count.

RFID solution by AOPL helps in automating the process of loading and unloading vehicles and keeps a track of vehicles without any manual intervention. The major problems that are faced by people while controlling all activities manually in the weighbridge are :

  • It consumes a lot of time in calculating the exact weight of goods loaded in the vehicle at the entry and exit gate.
  • The manual entry of details of the vehicles and drivers are not only time consuming but also the chances of committing error is maximum.
  • It becomes difficult to check the occurrence of theft at the Weighbridge.
  • Also, sometimes it becomes difficult to detect the entry of any unregistered vehicle at the gate.
  • In case of large number of goods, people sometimes commit mistake in loading the products in the correct vehicle.

All these problems are creating serious hindrances in the entire logistics process of any industry. In order to mitigate these issues, new technologies are being implemented and RFID Weighbridge Automation Solution is one of them. In this process, the premises are fitted with barriers and are fed with RFID readers and CCTV cameras.  This system has a very and long range identification system. It helps to manage and detect vehicles and drivers very easily.  Whenever any vehicles approaches the weighbridge, the RFID readers installed in it reads the tag and captures the weight instantly and the data so obtained get stored in the server automatically.

Key Benefits of AOPL’s RFID Weighbridge automation solution:

  1. The movement of vehicles in the entry and exit gate can be monitored in an error free manner.
  2. The entry of any unauthorized vehicle can be checked.
  3. By employing this technique, the occurrence of theft can be controlled.
  4. Generation of error free data is possible.

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