Retail Management Solution System

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a big change in the manufacturing and retail world that is growing fast. It is being applied in major industries like pharmaceutical and food industries. But for the consumers, it involves with privacy and security. Retail business owners can use this as remote scanners to read RFID tags. These tags are placed on every individual product that helps them to record information which includes quantity of stocks, locations of the item etc.

AOPL has been making waves in the RFID industry with its state of the art solutions which are being adopted by companies across India.

RFID can be of great advantage in Retailing in these ways-

Tracking inventory-

Manually counting the products or scanning bar codes is a very resource-intensive work. RFID scanners can be used to read tags without the need of close proximity, it can use hundreds of tags at once; workers can scan the shelves and other store areas to record the number of stock and its location. This can be very cost-effective for some stores, if they fix a permanent RFID reader. Making a permanent fixture can lead to real time monitoring of stocks. This improves efficiency of the market and the store is always at a good supply margin to meet the consumers demand.

Consumer research-

The tags based on RFID carries a unique product serial number. If a consumer pays for the products through debit, credit, shoppers discount card. The retailers can easily connect or link that purchase to the RFID records and data and use it as market information. The market information results in giving a particular picture about the consumer movement through a store. The data can help make improvements in a store like optimizing a stores layout according to the consumer’s behavior.


Theft and shoplifting is a major concern for retail market owners. One option is to put a security person to keep an eye on customers closely. But this has a negative side to it- Consumers don’t like being watched. Hence, remote scanners in shopping stores help detect who has shoplifted while leaving the store. The sensory technology is put on the exit gates.

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