RFID Anti Theft Gateway System

(RFID) Radio Frequency identification is a technology which is used to track and identify certain tags attached to objects. This technology uses electromagnetic fields to identify several objects.  It uses several tags attached to people, animal or objects,  to send identifying information to an electronic receiver by the utilization of radio waves. The tags consist of electronically stocked information.

RFID technology does not need line of sight or contact for communication. This technology enables data to be passed on by a portable device.

RFID technology plays a major part in anti theft systems. With AOPL’s next generation automated RFID solution, you can prevent pilferage and loss of your valuable assets. RFID detects any unauthorized attempt to move the object and sends immediate notifications. The solutions  have evolved to match the range of new inventions such as biometric identification and anti theft systems. Industries across India have leveraged our RFID solutions which have helped them streamline their business to a great extent.

There are several methods of anti theft systems:

  • Security tags:  The security tags refer to specific devices which are attached to items to prevent snatching.  These devices are utilized in association with an electronic article surveillance system. Mentioning some of such security tags would be Smartwater or SelectaDNA.
  • Tracking software:  Nowadays, cell phones, laptops and even iPods have several softwares that enable them to provide information about their whereabouts which can assist law enforcement in identifying the devices.

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