RFID Asset Management Solution System

Keeping track of assets, while reporting real time commodity disposition, is a very complex challenge for large companies or organisations. Absence of reliable and automated asset management system leads to repetition, amount and sweat. RFID services and solutions are used to locate assets in a broad variety of conditions. Asset Management system includes everything like computer, book, furniture, vehicle, smart devices etc.

AOPL provides complete RFID solution for asset management system. It has brought many big companies in its list of RFID enabled customers. RFID has made their work quicker and better. AOPL has been making waves in the RFID industry with its wide array of solutions.

Usage of RFID technology implies to automated data collection. It reduces maximum human effort and mistakes. It reads multiple tags at one time without demanding a line of sight. It is a next generation technology which is immensely popular among people. This involves tag; readers and software enabled personnel to identify tagged items without much effort, such as- crawling under desks, climbing ladders etc. It does not require being present in the direct line of sight.  Clients can locate assets easily and without any flaw. It decreases time as well. With the use of this technology no one needs to scan the items one by one with all the labels.

Benefits of using RFID are:

  1. It allows true price control and audit-proof index. It includes better asset accounting with customized reports of asset location, history, situation and trend.
  2. This solution support life cycle management and scale more perfectly.
  3. RFID can give protection of critical data in device.
  4. It can quickly detect urgently important equipment and acquire real-time physical asset supply.
  5. The RFID system in asset management is also helpful in reduction of inventory time.
  6. Application of RFID upgrades productivity by monitoring assets and infrastructure from distance.
  7. It helps in decision making by providing timely data.
  8. This application offers improved security by halting assets from leaving the zone and keeping designated assets out of illegal areas.

AOPL’s RFID technological service and system will add speed, perfectness, productivity and security altogether to a broader outlook of applications.

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