RFID Customized Solution System

With the increased advancement in technology, RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a gift for mankind. It is a small product, a tag or a pin which is attached on the equipments and used for recording information. These records are then assessed by the manufacturing industries and companies accordingly. Customized solutions are being used by almost every industry and supply chain for better productivity and efficiency at work. Radio Frequency Identification is a new age technology for Data Collection and Auto Identification.

AOPL offers RFID solutions and consulting for businesses. We also create customized RFID solutions as per requirement.  Our next generation solutions are everywhere in the market, from big companies, inventories and manufacturing places to its usage in hospitals and banks. Radio Frequency tags broadcast a signal with specific information and their location of the product. The pins or tags have information stored automatically. This also improves the business process efficiency, solves error-proofing problems and addresses common business painpoints.

AOPL’s customized RFID solutions have the following features:

  • We design the RFID solution according to our client’s needs.
  • The availability of RFID based tags and cards is present for various processes like asset management, library management, Warranty tracking system, access control system, Customer billing application system for retailers and marts, RFID Card Based Student Management Applications for Colleges & Schools and time plus attendance system.
  • Availability of quality product, warranty and maintenance plus installation service.

RFID is the new age technology that minimizes some major work which is done manually.

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