RFID Wander Prevention System

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)  is a technology which uses radio waves to automatically identify people without any manual interference. The data gathered is promptly updated or  transferred to in the back end computer system.

AOPL provides RFID based solutions to automatically track and trace people. The amount of elderly persons staying in healthcare facilities is expanding tremendously. That is why there is a need of providing them with the most comfortable and secure facilities.

Wandering patient systems using RFID tags help caregivers to keep the track of all the residents under their supervision and protection. They can track all the whereabouts of the residents without affecting  their freedom of movement.

What does wander prevention system do?

The system allows the hospitals and healthcare centers to implement powerful yet flexible security systems. These systems  protect patients from accidentally roaming off the unit while still maintaining full freedom of movement.

RFID technology offers industry leading features to monitor and safeguard patients.

The active RFID patient tags assure the greatest comfort possible for all of the patients. These tags are easier to apply and using standard patient bands. Tamper detecting tags are also available in the market for increasing the security of high risked patients.

These tags include unique patented bands which have no metal contacts that could corrode or bend. That is why these tags ensure the issues of reliability.

This software is user friendly and intuitive. Patients can be easily enrolled within the security system. They can also be discharged very easily. All of these happen in just a few clicks.

AOPL’s RFID solutions for wander prevention enables units to function smoothly while maintaining a centralized system and at the same time ensure the well being of your loved ones.

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